Company Profile: Daniel Ramirez, Field Sales Engineer

John Levan
14 February 22
Daniel Remirez

If a young person comes to Daniel Ramirez for career advice in manufacturing, it’s a sure thing he will recommend they begin as a hands-on employee on the shop floor. Gaining those experiences by working alongside skilled workers will be invaluable, especially if their goal is to advance within the organization. 

Daniel should know. It’s the career path he took, and it has served him well. A combination of formal training and personal experiences formed the foundation for working with the customers of Universal Metal Products. And that two-pronged approach to learning continues for Daniel.

Although he continually works toward expanding his formal education  in mechanical engineering, Daniel believes that absorbing the “tribal knowledge” from a company with 76 years of metal forming experience–and its many long-term employees–will help him work more effectively with his customers. As a field sales engineer at UMP, Daniel specializes in helping automotive, industrial, and appliance component manufacturers solve structural and electrical challenges
in the metal stamping sector.  

A proven track record

Daniel came to UMP with over 15 years of experience in the industry. During that time, he developed a reputation for getting results using a positive attitude, hard work, and all those basics he had acquired while in the shop environment. He has the experience of working with top-tier clients by providing engineering support and helping them improve their times to market.

Although he has powerful 2D and 3D tools to use in the development process, Daniel will be incorporating equipment and process capabilities into UMP’s design methods, ensuring that they are developing products that can be manufactured efficiently and consistently while maintaining the customer’s original intent.

Daniel will be working with a technical development community in México that has grown exponentially in the past ten years. With this growth comes a host of new engineers added to those with experience. With Daniel’s help, the harnessed technology will create a hub of expertise to fuel the territory’s continuous growth.

Because of the policies of the recently adopted free trade agreement with Canada, México, and the United States (USMCA), UMP sees México evolving from manufacturing to design and development. UMP and Daniel will be there to support that evolution.

Originally from Chicago, Daniel Ramirez is motivated, inspired, and supported by his wife and two children. And in his free time, he is an avid dancer and is also well known for firing up the grill and playing host to family and friends.