Room for Growth: Women Finding Their Niche in Manufacturing

It is the very evolution of manufacturing, and other traditionally male-dominated industries, that make these industries target rich for women who are considering their next career move.  According to a report by, women make up nearly half of the working population (47.5%), yet they remain underrepresented in the manufacturing industry (29%). Let’s explore why this landscape is poised to change.

The Real Draw

Manufacturing today is increasingly high-tech. Creativity, thinking outside the box and problem-solving are skills much needed in this industry.  A woman’s innate ability to simply think differently will bring new ideas to the table, and those ideas will be noticed.   

Areas where women can make their mark exist at all levels within an organization. 

·   Trailblazer? Now is the time to take what you know and pivot into an industry where your leadership has direct impact.  You will also help continue changing the landscape through mentoring other women in manufacturing.

·   STEM student? Include Manufacturing before you graduate to widen your career options.

·   Vocational Training?  Proper training yields real careers with real earning and growth potential.

Ownership, Management, Engineers, R&D, Marketing, Sales, Technician, Machinist, Quality Assurance, Production – just a few of the opportunities awaiting a new perspective.

Diversity Fosters Innovation

As a certified women-owned business, Universal Metal Products embraces diversity and inclusivity as a valued part of our culture. We believe it is crucial to fostering innovation in the workplace.  Making the case for women in manufacturing brings this idea into focus as new products and fresh solutions are sought after for our clients.   

Studies have shown that organizations with larger percentages of women in leadership positions outperform their competition (WiM). 

“When there are more women in manufacturing companies and taking on leadership roles, we will see manufacturing companies grow and our industry as a whole thrive. Research tells us that when companies are more diverse, and when there are more women at the leadership table, those companies are more profitable.” 

-Allison Grealis, President, Women in Manufacturing (WiM)

 Women-owned = Support

Universal Metal Products (UMP) is always busy dreaming up a better way – with our products, our processes, and our partnerships. We call what we do “solutions engineering.” Our certification with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) will help our quest for innovation and assist in creating partnerships that support diversity in our industry.

In the 2017 State of Women Owned Business Report, it was found that the employment growth rate over the past 20 years was stronger for women-owned businesses than for all businesses: 27% vs. 13%. This translates well to the manufacturing industry where technology is paving new career paths, and UMP is ready to make it happen with a diverse workforce at the helm.

The biggest support piece, however, is coming from the top-down.  It’s going to be in the way we structure the business; in the way we listen; and in the way treat our employees – ALL our employees. And that will translate to better products and service for our customers.

 “A balanced world is a better world. How can you help forge a more gender-balanced world? Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.”

-International Women’s Day 2019 campaign theme

 Universal Metal Products is a WBENC certified woman owned and operated business and pleased to have served our customers worldwide since our inception in 1946.


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