UMP Celebrates National Safety Month with an Ongoing Commitment to Workplace Safety

Did you know June is National Safety Month? This holiday was created in 1996 by the National Safety Council with the intention of bringing awareness to proper safety practices and health hazards in the workplace. It serves as a great reminder both for business owners and employees about how important safety precautions are to ensure everyone’s safety.

As Universal Metal Products has an outstanding and complex factory that creates metal components, safety is paramount to our day-to-day operations. This means ensuring the flooring is dry, tripping hazards are addressed quickly, and all workplace safety mandates are not only met but exceeded. Our goal at UMP—in everything we do—is to go above and beyond and pay attention to the details. That’s how we’ve created a safe and enjoyable working environment where our workers are able to provide outstanding services without having to fear for their safety. This means more focus on creating your components and less time worrying about tripping, falling, slipping, or other injuries.

We are committed to continuing to create a safe workplace for our employees and we are proud of our staff for their adherence to proper safety measures. 

About Universal Metal Products

Universal Metal Products is a female-owned company that provides metal component creation services for the automotive, industrial, and appliance industries. We are able to create a variety of custom and standard components for vehicles, HVAC units, electronics, refrigerators, sub pumps, and much more. 

UMP is based in the United States, and we are proud of our American heritage. With that said, we are also grateful for the opportunity to work closely with our international customers (including our incredible customers in Latin America). We believe strongly in equality, inclusivity, and fairness in the workplace—regardless of race, sex, religion, or nationality. We are also proud to hire veterans!

If you are looking for metal stamping services, contact us! We’d be happy to speak with you. We proudly work with female-led and operated companies, veteran-owned companies, and people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. 
To learn more about our employment opportunities visit our Careers page today.


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